Naosi & Sorcha Stephan: Dunno

A mese egy Magyarországon élő holland testvérpártól érkezett.

He  was sitting on a rock and cried, big tears, since he felt so sad.
Not the common ones but out of granite and salt pillars, huge and fat.
Because his family is locked up, although they didn’t do something bad.
In a cave in the middle of the city by a Dunno without a head.
A  Dunno? What kind of beast is that?
If I would have seen that thing, I would have surely cut off it’s head!
A Dunno is what it is, it can be anything. An invisible fire, a rainbow cactus,
just what your mind brings in.
So it’s kind of magic, triggered by fantasy? It is what it is or what you like or want it to be!
He  left in his sausages car, drove to the cheese factory, to spend time with his rainbow friend and they ate cheese for three!
But look who shows up there? Passes by and strokes him gently? Shouting: Hey drama queen beware, stay cool, you drive me nuts! You crying fool! I am suffering since many days, from a banging headache that stays. Because of your salty crying, its never ending! I’m dying! Is this all not exhausting to you? I need some rest and sleep too!
It was the mad clown who appeared out of the dark, not joyful or happy at all.
And after he heard the complains, left on his way to the park.
In  a paper laying there, he saw an ad that said: Room with shower and toilet, plus large kitchen for rent in a reasonable status you can count on that.
Just as he had read that, a person, foolish and tall, showed up and the ad said: that room is not reasonable at all!
What do you say about that?  the idiot said. Since an idiot is a clown for real. And being a jester and let cut off your head, if you’re not so funny, sounds to me like a very bad deal!
DUNNO , the answer was loud and clear. He lived in that dump, it’s a cave I can tell. If you go over to that place, you will need a good spell!
Still … he went to check out the room for real. If you want the invisible cave to show, a written sign said with arrow on top, I dunno’s? Well… up there you have to go! So he went in the pointed direction, exploring, noticing two things so weird, saved them for…
For what? I dunno. And left not even feeling sad or feared.
Since  he couldn’t find his family as he said, (well he didn’t  search so deep), he finally fall asleep.
-WAKE UP, why taking a nap on this day? Too tired to cry a bit more? Don’t waste my time any longer, come on open up your store! I need some granite and stone.You are yawning so are you awake? I need to rebuild my prison that some vandal did break!  It was the Dunno who spoke to him.
-It’s fine but only if so, you let my parents go!
-But… I don’t keep hold of them, they left to… well I dunno. Just the two of them. It’s a long time ago. Don’t you remember that? You were not a child any more, even had one yourself. A girl with long hair and a human friend for sure.
-I dunno anything about that, you think I am insane?
-Hmm, maybe the magic deleted the fantasy out of your brain!
-I dunno, you say so.
-I have nowhere to stay, no house to call my own.
-I build one for you (just if you keep crying on)out of salt pillars and stone.
-My own place that sounds great, even if it’s only a little hut, since sitting on that rock of stone feels as if I am one big NUT! It makes me keep on crying and there is no start or end, if it comes to my salt pillar tears which only you use my friend.
-Well… I dunno, said Dunno. We are what we are and do what we can and after all you are, as we know, the only granite-salt pillar man!

– May fantasy guide your way –


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